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Your generous gift toward the people of Carpenter, North West Ghana was greatly appreciated.


It has now been several weeks since we returned to the land of plenty and it is still difficult to sum up in just a few words the unbelievable experience of the amazing work that Dr. David Mensa does, and in which we were privileged to play a small part.


Carpenter is a tribal village of about 700 people, under the leadership of a young chief .  The people of the village live in mud houses with thatched roofs, the women and  children spend most of the day getting water form the well, gathering firewood  on their heads and preparing food.  It is as if they are in a time warp,   no electricity, no newspapers, no medical improvements, no TV, no cars…unbelievable.  The most unreal thing is that these are the happiest most content people we have ever met.


The school we taught in has 120 pupils between grades 1 and 6.  Their supplies were next to nonexistent…what a challenge, and what fun.  Thanks to the generosity of so many Canadians we were able to introduce the children to football, basketball, skipping, coloring, drawing, reading, stories, a library of new books, stickers, singing action songs, English, the alphabet with flash cards and games.  One main goal became to inspire and encourage the teachers, most of them have no training, and teaching is so important. The idea that learning can be fun is a totally new concept in Ghana.


The food security building is now complete 70’ x 30’ x 20’ high….built by hand,  brick by brick …..in under 2 weeks.  The exciting part is that the crops that will be kept secure.  are now being harvested and the building is being used today.

We are now so aware that in such a short time you can only begin to help end the cycle of starvation…..but the neighbouring chief told us “ that the history books of the area will include the names of the 20 white people that came and gave so much to the children, and the people of Carpenter, and that 100 years from now they will still speak of this time.”


Wow…..how humbling..…and you had a part…..thank you.


Our Thanks



The Challenge Continues:   GRID ( Ghana Rural Integrated
Development) is a registered charity, financial contributions are
regularly matched dollar for dollar by CIDA  and can be made 
at any time.

 Please contact Kathy Clulow for further information at 
705-228-8500 or kclulow@Uxbridgerealestateonline.com

Kathy Clulow: Team Ghana 2000 member
and representative for GRID in Ontario


There are really so many people to thank. Everyone gave so generously with both money and donations. We would love to thank each and everyone of you who so generously supported our "buy a brick campaign". Every cent that you gave went towards the actual costs of the building. Thanks also go to the people of Uxbridge Baptist Church, who through their sacrificial givings provided for all the team expenses.

This is a partial list of Corporations that supported the buy a brick campaign or made donations.

Accord Fire

Bailey and Sedore

Baldwin Sales

Business Depot

CAN-MAP (Canadian Medicine Aid Programme)

CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency)

Cashway Lumber

Clean Water Products (Jonathan Products)

Curves for Women

Dollar Store, Uxbridge

Glenwood Chapel

Holman's Shoes

Keith's Flowers

Liquidation World

Low & Low Funeral Homes

Metro Masonry Contractors Association

Mitchell's Family Book Store

National Sports

New Leaf

Optimum Rehabilitation

Randy Hoban Solicitor

Sandylion Stickers

Scholastic Books

TD Bank, Uxbridge

The Weedman - Uxbridge

Tim Hortons - Uxbridge

Town of Uxbridge

Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches

Uxbridge Ministerial Association

Uxbridge Travel

Wine Not

... and Hi-Lander Computer Services